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2015 Moosehead Applications will open late July 2014.  

So what are the Moosehead and what do you get?  The Moosehead Awards are unique in that we aim to fund only independent artists presenting their own new work. Any working comedian/artist can apply - you may be new to the scene or you may have been performing for years.  Either way, you can still appy.  The Mooseheads are about funding shows and artists that are exciting – about getting behind an idea, and loving it a bit more because it is mental and overly ambitious.

The Mooseheads tries to find new playgrounds for working comedians and performers – a chance to spotlight an idea rather than just turning out “another” show.

Please find the following indicative list of what the Moosehead will provide for recipients in 2015.


Submit your details on this page and you will be the first to know when applciations are open.